Chapter 5 : The No-Fear Guys

There are people who seem to be fearless — or at least they claim to be so. Some believe them, but others do not. There are people who claim that bravado is not the absence, but the conquest, of fear. This means fear is still intact; but brave people are able to conquer their fear masterfully.

Some experts say only dead people do not fear. They assert that as long as you’re alive, your emotions (including fear) function. You can either rule over emotions, or let them rule over you.

Some people are genuinely brave. They won’t react negatively even at the point of death. They have mastered how to expertly manage their fears. They claim that they have no fear of the most terrifying things; but actually, they may have encountered similar experiences before, and they have just learned to tame them.

There are also people who claim to be fearless, but they cowardly hide behind their claim of fearlessness. This may be a sign of inferiority complex. It is their way of getting attention. They terribly fear not being recognized as a toughie, or not being respected as such.

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