Chapter 11 : How Procrastination Can Be A Downward Spiral


Procrastination can lead to a downward spiral. Here are some ways to avoid this destructive behavior pattern and also some recommendations to help overcome an already procrastinating mindset.

You Ought To Know

Starting a daily simple and non demanding set of tasks list would allow the individual to venture into getting accustomed to a routine and being focused on completing the items on the list within the time frame allotted. In taking this first small step the individual is able to experience the satisfaction derived from the exercise of committing to completing tasks.

Without the practiced and sometimes forced ability to focus and start a task immediately, procrastination gains a foot hold into the situation. Thus by forcing one’s self to begin and complete a task this negative element can be kept in check.

Sticking to tasks that can be immediately and easily done is one way to start the individual on actually achieving things on a daily basis. Learning to say “no” to a lot of things, and filtering only those that are immediately workable, will encourage the procrastinating nature to be abandoned.

Playing the waiting game is also another element that should be eliminated in the quest to avoid procrastination. Sometimes people develop the mind set of “ifs”, this causes them to wait around until a particular condition or scenario is evident before they are willing to act. This form of procrastination will eventually lead to a lot of lost time and effort on the part of other who are more than willing to get the project started.

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