Chapter 8 : Don’t Forget To Get Excited


Staying excited is a very important tool to ensure the mind set does not give up half way during the project started. This will not only be a bad habit to pick up it will also cause detrimental effects in the long run.


The excitement factor will always be able to motivate an individual to keep moving forward toward achieving the goals set. This key ingredient is what attracts people to consider or embark on a project. Those who stay excited have the positive mindset that is required and also necessary to ensure the success of any project or endeavor.

Sharing the ideas in the intended project with others helps to keep the excitement levels high. When a person is passionate about their endeavors it shows clearly in the way they talk about the project.

This excitement more often than not carries over to the others listening. There are even scientific researches done that attest to the proven facts that there are a lot of positive chemical changes that happen in the body system when the excitement levels are apparent.

Setting time lines and dates at every juncture of the project has its benefits is keeping the excitement levels high. Whenever these time lines or deal lines are successfully met the individual or group experiences another level of satisfaction which in turn creates the positive element of excitement.

Believing strongly in the project is also another way to keep being excited about the project. If the belief is strong then any and all negative encounters along the way can be easily overcome because of the excitement levels that can counter these setbacks that may occur from time to time. Most people who passionately believe in themselves and their abilities to successfully achieve anything are usually very well balanced and success orientated people.

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