Chapter 6 : Put Your Goal Where You Can See It


In order to see a task to completion and with the same motivational levels as at the beginning of the task, it would be prudent to have the goal expected to be derived from the task to be as visible as possible. This not only applies to having this goal firmly imprinted in the mind’s eye but also should be physically visible as much as possible.

Look At It

If the goal is not only foremost in the thoughts of the individual but also “around” the individual than the battle to keep the task featured as a constant and important factor daily is achieved. Many people advocate the physical presence of the goal help to keep them focused until the end desired results are achieved.

Some of the ways that can be used successfully are putting up visual aids that depict the desired goal. Others may include keeping a log book of sorts to chart the progress made towards achieving the goal. There are some people that go as far as to have a replica of what they want to achieve made. The idea really is to keep the goal as visible as possible through any means available in order to keep the motivation levels as high and as constant as possible.

If the goal in question can be successfully broken up into different stages then keeping a chart that visibly tracks the progress of the task toward the end achievement, helps to create the necessary satisfaction levels within the individual in the visibility of the progress at hand. The nearer the end becomes visible the more the adrenaline levels will rise and thus produce more energy and zest to see the task perhaps achieved at a quicker pace. Getting friends to help keep track of the progress with the individual also helps to keep the goal in focus.

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