Chapter 5 : Associate With Positive People


As previously mentioned there are a lot of merits in ensuring a positive mindset. Therefore going a step further and making the conscious effort to surround one’s self with positive people always will in fact be the best formula to follow.


If an individual is seriously interested in becoming a better person, the first wise step to make is to ensure those within the inner circle in their lives or those in constant contact with them are always of the positive nature.

The general wisdom behind this thinking is that whatever positive practices and value held by these positive minded associates will eventually be copied and practiced by the individual too.

Negative people always find reasons to drag themselves and those around them down. Perhaps it is because they are more comfortable if everyone else is miserable too.

However positive people will take the time and effort to impart or impact as many positive values as they can to someone who is interested in achieving the same positive outlook in life as them.

Among the positive characteristics of positive people are the ability to be enthusiastic about almost anything, an uncanny zest for life, a willingness to try anything, cheerful, inspired are just a few to name. All these character traits are very enticing to be a part of and if an individual is open to being led then it is possible to learn to look at things through the eyes of these positive people and thus really begin to enjoy life.

Associating with positive people whenever the opportunity presents itself is also beneficial intellectually and in building stronger character traits. Positive people tend to be well informed and in the know always. They usually make a conscious effort to keep up with the latest in everything.

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