Chapter 7 : Reward Yourself For Small Advancements


Rewards are always a wonderful thing to receive especially if the efforts put into a task to achieve the rewards has been quite monumental. Rewards are also a great way to keep motivated and focus on the task to see it to completion.


Breaking a task into sections has many merits one of which is it allows the individual or those involved in the task process to be able to physically see the progress and monitor it accordingly.

This also creates the opportunity to pass out little rewards when each stage is achieved. These rewards are a great incentive to ensure those involved in the task are able to stay focus and totally committed to seeing the said task to successful completion.

However the types of rewards and the methods linked to meriting the rewards should be carefully considered lest it turn out to have adverse effects instead.

Drawing up a system that charts the progress and associates the different stages to different rewards given out should be done early on in the project frame work. The rewards chosen should match the progress made.

Choosing the right rewards is very important as it is supposed to act as an incentive and the wrong array of rewards may not cause those involved to be motivated but instead cause them to doubt their contribution values to the success of the project. This can indeed have very damaging result on the morale and general attitude towards keeping up the motivation to succeed.

Rewards that are tailored to bring on the excitement and satisfaction when a certain level in the project is reached will not only cause the added zest needed it will also contribute to the individual working harder to achieve the next level of advancement in order to be rewarded again. This new found added zest is very beneficial as these spurts of energy also bring new life into the project at every few stages. 

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