Chapter 10 : Using Enhancement Supplements

Enhancement supplements are used by body builders, including those who want to have perfectly well formed abs, as a way to bulk up muscle growth.  The way that natural enhancement supplements work is to increase blood flow to the muscles and allow you to get more from your workout.  You can often get a more intense workout when you use enhancement supplements than if you just workout without these supplements. 

Natural enhancement supplements are made with herbal ingredients that have been used for hundreds of years as a way to increase energy levels in the body.  Anyone who is looking for a way to increase blood flow to muscles can use these natural enhancement supplements.  You should not confuse natural enhancement supplements with steroids, a product that is created from synthetic hormones and should only be taken under the supervision of a doctor.  Enhancement supplements are made from natural products whereas steroids that many body builders also take, are made from chemically created hormones. 

Many people who workout and want to build muscle bulk enjoy using enhancement supplements as part of their workout routine.  They can make it easier to work out harder for a longer period of time and give you better results from your workout routine. 

Other people dislike the idea of using enhancement supplements because they do not give them the instant bulk or muscle growth that they expect.  Many people who feel this way do so because they have confused natural enhancement supplements for working out with steroids. 

Steroids are usually illegally obtained and should be avoided by anyone who wants to stay healthy.  The side effects of taking steroids include increased aggression, organ damage and even mental instability.   Men will notice their testicles shrinking from taking steroids and women will begin to grow hair on their face and chest.  Steroids are an unnatural enhancement that many in the body building circuit use to get those large, unnatural looking muscles. 

Six pack abs are not unnatural looking.  They are a well defined muscle group in your abdominal region.  You do not have to resort to any artificial means to achieve the perfect six pack when it comes to your abs.  You can get these abs using the exercises and diet formulas demonstrated in this book without having to resort to any supplements. 

If you want to feel as though you are helping your workout along, you can take natural supplements that contain herbal ingredients, no chemicals and are designed to allow for increased blood flow to the muscle areas.  This will not do you any harm and may also give you a psychological boost as well.  You can purchase natural enhancement supplements at health food store as well as some online outlets.  Remember not to get anything other than a completely natural supplement and stay away from steroids.

There is no magic pill that you can take to get the perfect abs.  They take hard work and dedication.  If you are willing to put the time into exercising and working out for the perfect abs, and eat a proper diet that will also benefit you in this quest, you can have the perfect abs.  But if you are looking for a way to get this look without any type of effort on your part, think again.  No enhancement or magic pill is going to do it for you.  Hard work and discipline will allow you to have the perfect abs of your dreams. 

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