Chapter 11 : Keeping Your Firm Abs

It stands to reason that once you have achieved the perfect abs that you will want to keep them.  Once you get to the point where you are happy with the way that your abdominal muscles look, you want them to stay that way.  You should continue to eat the right way, lead a healthy lifestyle and workout regularly.  This is a good lifestyle choice for anyone - regardless of whether or not they have the perfect abs.

Many people who achieve this type of feat feel that they cannot ever stray from their routine without their perfect abs collapsing and turning to fat.  While you will want to stay on your routine as much as possible and eat healthy foods, if you stray from your diet or fail to show up for the gym, do not panic.  This does not mean that you will lose the perfect abs that you worked so hard to attain. 

Keeping the perfect abs is more of a mind set than anything else.  You will want to continue to diet and exercise and be mindful of the way that you look.  Chances are, that if you achieved the perfect abs of your dreams, you have already demonstrated a remarkable amount of determination and ability to achieve a goal.  You might even feel a little bit let down, now that the goal has been completed.  Or you might think that you do not have to do anything to maintain this new body. 

You should never feel let down because you have completed a goal.  While the initial quest to achieve the goal can be very inspiring for many people, and get them all revved up to complete the goal, you can still have other goals that you can set your mind to that can give you this feeling.  You should still stay within your exercise routine as you are working out so that you can continue to keep the firm abs. 

If you feel that you can let your body go and abandon your exercise routine because you have gotten to where you want to get, think again.  You will have a more difficult time getting back into shape if you let your perfect abs go to waste.  Or shall we say waist?  This is because muscle will turn to fat if not used.  It is important that you continue exercising and maintaining your perfect abs that you have worked so hard to achieve. 

It is not a good idea to fight hard to get the perfect abs for the summer so that you can look good in a bathing suit and then let yourself go during the cold months so that you can eat whatever you want and not exercise.  This is not only not good for your body, but it will make things even more difficult for you when next summer, you once again want to attain the perfect abs.  You need to maintain the perfect abs through the summer, through the fall and through the holiday season when you are eating and drinking things that you should avoid.  While it is fine to indulge now and again, you do not want to break your routine to the point where you have to start all over again from scratch in achieving the perfect abs when you want to get in shape for swimsuit season. 

Once you have achieved the perfect abs, you will feel good about yourself and will also want to stay that way.  One way that you can do this is to take a picture of yourself with your perfect abs and how you feel.  You can then post that picture on the refrigerator so that you are constantly reminded of how hard you worked to achieve what you have achieved, how good you feel that you have the abs that you have always wanted, and what you need to do, and not to do, to maintain the perfect abs. 

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