Chapter 7 : Weight Machines For

You will notice, when you go to your gym, that there are weight machines that are made to exercise the abdominal muscles.  These will work in addition to the other exercises and routines that were discussed in this book previously to help you keep your abdominal muscles in shape as well as tone and define the muscles. 

When you are using the weight machines for your abs, you should use them every other day.  You do not want to bulk up your abdominal muscles, but merely want to tighten them so that they look toned and defined. 

There are several weight machines at the gym that you can use to strengthen your abs and tone them up so that you can have the perfect six pack.  Two machines that work well will cause you to twist and tighten your abs and also to mimic the sit up routine.  Because you can adjust the weights and tension on these machines, you can expect good results if you use them every other day to tone up your muscles. 

Before you use any type of weight machine at the gym, you should be instructed on how to use the machine.  Most gyms will have people who will help you figure out how to use a machine.  They will instruct you on the right way to use the exercise machine so that you do so the right way.  Using a weight machine incorrectly can end up causing you to hurt yourself. 

Talk to a gym counselor before you start using the machine.  Ask them how you can use the machine that will tighten up your abdominal muscles.  The counselor may even have other machines that can be used for the same purpose. 

When you start using the weight machines, you will want to use the lowest tension level or weight when you start out.  Do repetitions of the motion as instructed and try to do 3 reps of 8.  This will most likely be easy for you to do when you are first starting out, especially if you are using the lowest weight or tension on the machine. 

You may not think that the weight machine is doing any good, but chances are that you will feel tension in your abdominal muscles the day after you exercise.  You will wait a day and then perform the same exercises again.  You do not want to strain your muscles when you are using the weight machines for your abs or this can end up doing more harm than good.  You just want to create a little tension. 

After a week of using the weight machines for abs with success, you can then move up a level when it comes to weights.  This may become a little bit more difficult, but you will want to use the same repetitions.  Be sure to use both the twisting motion weight machines to exercise the side abdominal muscles as well as the front abdominal muscles when you are using the sit up machine. 

Each week when you up your weight tension on the abdominal weight machines, you will notice a change in the abdominal muscles.  You will start to notice a change in the tone right away as you continue on this path.  If you belong to a gym, you will want to take advantage of all of the weights that they have available, including those that are used to tighten and tone abs. 

Unless you have a home gym, it is unlikely that you will have these machines in your home.  But they can be very beneficial when it comes to getting the six pack abs that you have always dreamed about.  Just be sure to use them the right way so that you do not end up causing harm to your muscles and build them up. 

By asking how to use the machines and using them in the right way, you can then begin to work on the abdominal machines to further sculpt your abdominal muscles. 

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