Chapter 8 : Pilates For Abs

Pilates is a type of toning exercise that has been used by dancers for nearly 75 years.  One way that you get involved in Pilates is to join a class.  This is another way that your local gym can help you.  Pilates are excellent when it comes to toning up muscle, especially the abs.  If your gym offers a Pilates class, you  can sign up for this class that can help you work on toning up your abs. 

Pilates works well when it comes to teaching you how to isolate certain muscles and work on them to get them toned.  More than likely, your Pilates class will not only work on the abs, but other muscles as well.  Once you get the hang of the Pilates and how to use them, you can use this type of exercise routine to work on your abs when you are at home. 

If you do not have a Pilates class at your local gym, you may be able to sign up for one at your local parks department.  There are many people who are glad to teach Pilates so that others can learn this type of toning exercise.  Pilates will let you concentrate on your muscles that you want toned and exercise them to the maximum of your ability. 

Throughout this book, we have been talking about isolating muscles and concentrating on them when exercising, either with a cardiovascular machine, toning exercise or with a weight machine.  You might be wondering how you can learn to do this.  Pilates can teach you how to focus in on your muscles and make the most of your workout. 

Pilates is a much more concentrated type of exercise than any other toning exercise routine.  One reason why many people like to use Pilates as a way to sculpt their abdominal muscles is because they can get the same results from a 15 minute workout when using Pilates as they can get from a 45 minute traditional workout.  Pilates are made to concentrate on muscles and tone them so that they are strong as well as sculpted. 

If you are at a loss as to how you can learn Pilates exercises, do not have a gym where you can be taught or a class offered by the parks department, you can also learn about how to perform Pilates from watching a DVD.  Rent a DVD at your local video store so that you can learn how to perform these exercises that can help you get the flat and very toned abs that  you can show off at the beach. 

Once you learn Pilates, chances are that you will use them in other exercise routines.  Pilates are low impact and you will most likely not only appreciate the way that your abs look, but also the rest of your body if you use Pilates on a regular basis. 

If you want to have the best looking abs, try Pilates.  Many models and others who exhibit perfect abs swear by this exercise routine that will start to work right away.   You will notice a big change in your body when you begin practicing Pilates and  will not only exhibit perfect abs, but also perfect toned muscles in other parts of your body.  If you want to achieve the perfect abs, you owe it to yourself to try Pilates - one of the best forms of exercise for toning muscles - especially abs. 

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