Chapter 4 : Leg Lifts For Abs

Crunches will work well to tone your abdominal muscles, but this is not the only exercise that you need when you are looking for the perfect six pack.  In addition to the crunches, you will also want to use leg lifts to tone the abdominal muscles.  Leg lifts can be done at the same time you do your crunches. 

Lay flat on your back on the floor and put your hands to your side with your palms down on the floor.  Lift both legs up as high as you can, even if it is less than an inch off of the ground.  While you are doing this, you need to once again isolate the muscles in your abdomen and tighten them up. 

It is always good to work in repetitions of 8 when you are performing toning exercises.  The leg lifts will work well to tighten the muscles in your abdomen and define them.  Like the crunches, you will notice the results from this type of exercise within a week. 

After you have done the two leg lift, you can also do one leg lift at a time.  This is often easier to do and will tighten the side abdominal muscles.  Do one leg at a time and then the other, repeating the repetitions each time.  As you continue to do leg lifts for abs, you will notice that the leg lifts get easier to do all of the time.  You will be able to lift your legs higher and higher as you continue to practice this exercise. 

As you continue working with leg lifts, you will not only notice a change in your abdominal muscles, but also your leg muscles as well.  As you get better at this type of exercise, you can use leg weights on your ankles so that it will be more difficult for you to lift your legs.  If you continue to use this toning exercise on a daily basis, you will notice that it becomes much easier to raise your legs each time.  You can purchase leg weights at a sporting goods store. 

Leg lifts and crunches are two of the toning exercises that you can use that will work towards tightening up your abs.  These will work well in your effort to get the perfect abs, but must be used every day.  It is important to concentrate on the muscles that you are toning while you are performing the exercises in order for them to work.  By isolating the muscles and giving them total concentration, while working on this activity, you will find that the exercises not only get easier, but they start to produce results right away.  You will be able to feel the results from the leg lifts for abs as your abdominal muscles tighten. 

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