Chapter 3 : Learn More About the L-Max Leapster

If your child is preschool age, but you want a system that has a broader age group, you may want to consider the L-Max Leapster from LeapFrog.  This learning game system is designed for children between the ages of 4 to 10 years old.  The average retail price runs around $100.00.  The games for this learning system do run a bit more than the VTech V-Smile, at $29.99. 

This system is a great way to allow your child to play action packed games while learning the essential skills and developments all the way up to a fourth grade level.  This product with other software can teach your child a wide variety of skills such as:

  • Reading
  • Math
  • Science
  • Spelling
  • Language
  • Logic
  • Social Studies
  • Problem Solving
  • Money Concepts
  • Writing Skills
  • Art & Music
  • Patterns

The Leapster basically revolutionized the video game with allowing young children to learn on a handheld system that teaches educational skills while having fun doing so. You

can take this system virtually anywhere and play it at anytime.  You can plug it into your television and play on dual screens.

The dual screen is a great advantage to parents, since it allows you to view what games your child is playing and watch their progress.  Another nice feature of the dual screen mode is for your child.  When he or she writes on the handheld screen they will view the larger image on the television.  They can also learn to write letters on the Leapster L-Max handheld screen and the letters they write appear on the television and star in an animated story.

Not only does the dual screen technology create a different look onto the larger television screen from the handheld screen, it can also be unplugged and continue to be played from the point they left off.

Standard with all of the LeapFrog products, The Leapster uses a stylus to help the children better master early writing skills.  This is the only learning video game system that also allows a touch screen to support different modes of play.

The Leapster L-Max also supports children in their individual learning process.  They create this by giving a hint structure to guide their learning process.  They may want to seek a step by step assistance through the math, reading, or spelling concepts.  This type of practice will help them learn as they play and will also inspire them in mastering more important skills in their school teachings.

A software library is set up to work with the L-Max game system and is available for multiple skill levels.  There are several game titles that will teach levels up to the fourth grade.

There are some accessories available for the Leapster L-Max you may want to be aware of.  The Leapster L-Max Recharging System is able to keep the handheld system charged and ready for several hours of play.  This comes in very handy for long trips.  The average price of the recharging system is $34.99.  You can also purchase a carrying case for the handheld system.  This is to protect your child’s game from getting damaged.  The carrying case comes with inside pockets for extra storage.

There are several games available for purchase with your Leapster.  This system is compatible with all of the Leapster software.  You must make note that the only way the television features will work is with the L-Max games.  Here is a list of games that might be of interest to your child.

  • L-Max Letters on the Loose
  • L-Max Dora the Explorer Wildlife Rescue
  • Rock the World
  • L-Max SpongeBob SquarePants Saves the Day
  • Numbers on the Run
  • L-Max Madagascar
  • L-Max Spiderman
  • Talking Words Factory
  • Disney Princess
  • Mr. Pencil’s Draw & Write

This product is a great addition to any young child’s learning system.  The Leapster L-Max has a very unique way to allow the parents to share in their child’s learning experience.

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