Chapter 8 : The Long Awaited XBOX 360

You have to wonder how they can make something that is already close to perfect even better.  The XBOX 360 has done just that.  This new system has everything you could want in a video game system all in one.

When any new video game system is first launched the question that comes to most everyone’s mind is how much it is going to cost.  Microsoft will gladly answer that question with confidence.  The new system is so affordable considering all of the options you have.  The XBOX 360 has two different versions and prices of the system.  This way they can target two totally different groups of consumers.

The first version of the XBOX 360 is the Core System.  The XBOX 360 Core System is basically a bare bones system for people that simply want to play games.  For the cost of $300 you get the following;

  • XBOX 360 System
  • Composite AV cable (the red, white, and yellow cable)
  • Wired controller

The Core system does not include a hard drive or memory unit to save your games.  It also does not come with the cable to allow you to hook it up to a HDTV.  The Core system is ideal for purchasing for a younger child that doesn’t care to do anything but play his or her games.

The XBOX 360 premium system comes with everything you need to get the best use out of your system.  With a price of $400 you will get the following;

  • XBOX 360 System
  • Ethernet cable
  • 20GB external hard drive
  • Wireless controller
  • XBOX live headset
  • Component AV cables the hook up both the HDTV and standard TV

You basically get a lot of accessories for only $100 more than the Core System, which is cheaper than purchasing all of the extra components separately.  You are getting over $200 worth of extras for around $100.  That alone makes the premium bundle worth the extra money. 

A added bonus for the XBOX 360 is the price of the new system.  Compared to the Playstation 3 that will be coming out with two new versions of its console system, the XBOX 360 is nearly a hundred dollars less for each of its versions.

Many people will want to know what exactly the XBOX 360 is.  The Xbox 360 is a next generation video game system that can play both games and DVD movies right out of the package.  The XBOX 360 can also play some games from the original XBOX.  The biggest feature is the high definition feature of the new system.  The HDTV graphics are much more enhanced than other graphics.

The XBOX 360 also has the XBOX Live online service, which comes in two versions.  The XBOX Live Gold service lets you play games online against other players, and the XBOX Live Silver lets you download demos, arcade games, trailers, and talk online with friends.

The design of the new XBOX is slightly smaller than the original.  Another new feature of the new console model is the ability to be propped up in a vertical position.  The system can also be customized with interchangeable faceplates.

Each XBOX 360 is capable of supporting up to four controllers, and also displays a green LED on the system and the controller to show which controllers are connected.  One thing you should be aware of before purchasing a new system is the old XBOX controllers do not work in the new system.  You will have to purchase new extra controllers for your XBOX 360.

A nice added touch to the console is the two USB ports that are located behind the faceplate.  Two memory card slots are also located here.  You can use these ports for a number of things, such as,

  • MP3 Player hookup
  • iPod
  • digital camera

The Xbox 360 now comes with an infrared port that allows you to use compatible remotes; this will assist you in turning the console on and off and opening the tray with the remote.

The new system and old system both offer state of the art Dolby Digital audio.  This adds in giving a real sound field that creates the ultimate gaming experience.

The success of online gaming in the XBOX has reached it’s fullest potential.  Every model has a base level membership that allows you to create list of people to chat with outside of the gaming.

The XBOX 360’s ability to play over 200 games of the original XBOX has really helped in its instant popularity.  This catches the eyes of gamers who still enjoy their older games and can easily download the with emulation profiles.  You will need a hard drive to install them.

The XBOX 360 is DVD and CD capable and can rip your CD’s directly into the hard drive.  The DVD ability of the XBOX 360 uses 480p progressive scan and can be controlled be a remote.

Accessories made so readily available for the XBOX 360 is a great way to make the system truly your own.

  • The vertical stand can be purchased for $20, and allows your XBOX 360 to stand in the upright position.  The vertical stand also has enough storage for ten games and two memory cards.
  • The Intec AV Selector and Storage Unit have four AV inputs which easily allow you to hook up all of your systems at once.  It also has component video connections to give you the best picture, and Ethernet jack so you can hook more than one system up to the internet.  This storage unit also has two storage compartments to store games, memory cards, and remote controls.  This extra will cost around $40, but is worth it if you battle several players on games.
  • The all time best accessory is the TFT Screen.  The Intec has 8” and 9.2” TFT screens for the XBOX 360.  This will give you the best graphics available and awesome sound.  It easily attaches to the XBOX 360 and folds flat onto your system.  The price on this extra accessory is pretty pricey at $169 for the 8” screen and $199 for the 9.2” screen.

Most XBOX enthusiasts will want to know the best games to purchase for their new video game system.  Here a few top rated games available for purchase.

  • Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter- The graphics and sound in this game are amazing.  This game has one of the best squad shooters around.
  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion- This game gives everyone an ultimate gaming experience, no matter who you are the experience, is the ultimate.
  • Fight Night Round 3- As Fight Night Round 2 was an all time favorite of the original XBOX, same goes for Round 3 in the XBOX 360 era.  The boxing experience in this game surpassed Round 2 with flying colors.The graphics in this game are so realistic.
  • Project Gotham Racing 3- This great game delivers awesome playing online and off, with tons of tracks and numerous cars to choose from.  The sound effects can not get any better.
  • Call of Duty 2- This game is based on World War II and delivers the best graphics and sound for any shooting game.
  • Burnout Revenge- Ultimately the best racing game ever!  Top of the line graphics, cars, and events all make this game what it is.
  • Dead or Alive 4- This game offers unbelievable graphics, loads of different modes, and tons of unlock able treasures.  Take your gaming experience to the next level with the online gaming.
  • Lord of the Rings; Battle for Middle Earth II- This game gets you the chance for building your own army, and to do real time strategy.
  • Condemned: Criminal Origins- This game offers a mix of survival horror with first person game play.  Your weapons of choice are; lead pipes, axes, and other blunt objects.
  • Hitman: Blood Money- This game is sure to please even the hardest of action fans, and with the top of the line realistic graphics who can resist.

XBOX 360 is guaranteed to deliver the ultimate experience in the gaming world.  The sleek new design and its ability to download games and other material in seconds will ensure it’s success.

The new custom design and 512 MB of Ram in the XBOX 360 is eight times more powerful than the original XBOX.  This system will out more pixels per second, and offers a custom ATI graphics processor.

All that is left to wonder is how long before you retire your original XBOX for the new XBOX 360?

  With Microsoft trying to make even more of the original XBOX games compatible with the new XBOX 360 the only thing keeping you from enjoying this system is you.

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