Chapter 10 : Be A Good Friend Following Meeting Someone


Some lasting and good friendships start after meeting a first and chance meeting. In order for this friendship to develop into a fruitful and long term endeavor either party needs to take a further initiative.

Some Suggestions

Continuing the friendship after the first initial meeting is normally done only when both parties acknowledge there is a common ground in which both can be a contributing and complimenting factor. There are several possible ways to initiate the continuity of the new found friendship.

If the new found friendship is based on a common theme of perhaps sports, music, eating, travelling or any other possibilities then it becomes much easier to make the next step. Inviting the new found friend to any one of the above forays is the first step to ensuring the contact is continued and from there the friendship can grow and blossom.

Keeping in touch using the various media and telecommunication avenues available in present times is also another way to keep the connection between the new friends. Calling the person or texting is the most popular way to choose is the new friend is within a certain distance. However, if distance and technology is an issue, than other alternatives can also be sought. The important thing is to ensure is that there is further ongoing contact established.

Inviting the new friend to social functions and other casual gathering is also another way to initiate further contact towards building a friendship. This is a non threatening way of trying to include the new friend into an already established group. Ensuring the new person is comfortable and happy in the new group is also very important as it shows the concern and character to the invitee.

A simple phone call to enquire about the new friend can be very heartwarming and certainly show the possibility of furthering the friendship. This act assures the new friend of the interest in forming a good and comfortable friendship based on the follow up contact initiated.

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