Chapter 8 : Be Genuine


Most people can fake being genuine some of the time but eventually others around are able to read through the fake persona and see the real person behind the mask. Being genuine is something that everyone should strive to achieve in their daily life.

Be Real

In trying to exercise being genuine there are certain areas that can be addressed, some of which are as follows:

  • Finding out about one’s self and how that persona relates to being genuine. Some people tend to be swayed by the current trends and persuasive lifestyles rather than being able to stand out and be different. In being able to discern which category applies to the individual some head way is made towards molding a more genuine individual.
  • Spending time to explore and indulge one’s self is also an effective way to find out what really is the make up of the individual’s character. This realization is important because most people tend to put on a false front just so they can adapt to the current circumstances
  • In learning to stick to one’s own values and lifestyles no matter what the others around are doing, clearly shows the determination to stand out and be noticed, thus consciously avoiding the false façade in favor of the genuine thing.
  • Abandoning the necessity of keeping up with the latest trends also allows the individual to be able to stay in one phase long enough to develop an identity that is worth exploring and getting to know better.
  • Trying new things is always a good idea but keeping at it even though it creates such unpleasantness and discomfort is definitely not being genuine to one’s self.
  • Always being mindful of the spoken word is one way of staying genuine. Saying and meaning what is said is always welcomed if done in a pleasant and diplomatic manner.

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