Chapter 6 : Make A Good 1st Impression


First impressions do count for a lot no matter what people may think or say. Unfortunately sometimes all a person gets is the first chance to make a first impression and if it is not done well, then there is a possibility there won’t be a second time or a second chance.

The Beginning

Therefore in order to make the best first impression possible one should take the trouble to equip one’s self with all the best and positive advantages possible. Because every encounter has its own potentials, this skill of making a good first impression should be well horned. Usually there are no opportunities to right a wrong.

Being on time is perhaps the single most important habit to train one’s self in. no one wants to hear the numerous possible excuses for being late. Learning to plan for all probabilities and possibilities and then timing one’s self to unsure the prompt arrival if not earlier is absolutely imperative.

Practicing the art of being comfortable no matter what the circumstances is another plus point to learn. When this art is mastered and the trained body language personifies the feeling of ease than those around will also be able to relax and any potential uncomfortable first meeting jitters can be avoided.

The physical appearance of an individual is also an important point when it comes to making a first impression. However this does not mean dressing expensively or inappropriately. The appropriate attire should always be worn and coupled with the relevant accessories. Being well groomed is also another prerequisite, and all these put together makes a very impressive first impression package.

Speaking well and clearly is also equally important. It can be very annoying when those around are not able to hear or understand what is being said. This leaves a very poor first impression.

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