Chapter 2 : Getting People To Like You


Being gregarious and is one way on ensuring one’s presence is felt. Most people are happy being around a gregarious personality and this helps the individual to be noticed and hopefully respected to a certain degree.

Drawing People In

Smiling a lot also helps, as this creates a persona that is open and friendly. People are more like to approach and befriend a person with a smiling disposition as opposed to someone who is more reserved and closed.

Keeping one’s emotions in check is another way ensures that people are drawn to individual. Learning how to be more laid back and calm will give the impression of being happy and contented which translates to emotional maturity and security. When people don’t carry the “baggage” of insecurity they are able to relate better in any environment.

Keeping some level of basic hygiene is also another likeable feature. People who are untidy and smell bad can be very off putting. Simple things like clean clothes and fresh breath are a most desirable condition to keep.

Cultivating the habit of always enquiring after the general well of others is another great quality to develop. It shows a caring and concerned attitude which is very pleasant indeed.

Complimenting people whenever possible is not only a good habit to develop; it also immediately creates a likeable and comfortable situation. Many friendships and other successful relationships have started on a friendly and complimenting remark.

When engaging in a conversation, maintaining eye contact is good, as it not only ensures the speaker of the undivided attention of all around but also gives everyone a feeling of respect and attention.

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