Chapter 3 : Build Your Confidence


Dressing sharply has long been linked to building one’s self confidence. One does not necessary have to be a good looker, but with the right clothes and matching complimenting accessories any man or woman can look good. When an individual is aware that they look good, there is an almost immediate realization of confidence in both their out demeanor as well and from within. Sad but often true is the generally accepted thinking that looks do count and in a big way.

Self Assurance

A person’s walk often denotes the confidence levels being experienced at any given time. A brisk and straight posture walk gives a definite impression of overall confidence. Both these positions and movements actually affect the body’s chemical make up which transcends into the outward persona.

One of the best ways to build self confidence is by listening and being exposed to as motivational media tools as possible. A lot of people now try to adopt the habit of listening to motivational talks during the commute to their work places or in their spare time or during exercise sessions. These motivational sessions often have bits of great advice and promptings which inspire the confidence needed to be successful in any endeavor. Thus in turn allowing the individual to grown their individual confidence levels.

Learning to be grateful for the current happenings and things in one’s life as also another source from which confidence can be built. This teaches an individual to be thankful and to learn to look at things from a brighter perspective. It also helps to build a positive mind set which in turn will allow for a more confident personality to emerge.

Another trait that would be beneficial is to practice the ability to learn to speak clearly and loudly. With constant and determined practice sessions the individual is able to slowly build the required confidence it takes to be vocal.

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