Chapter 10 : The Healing Sounds That Accompany Qi Gong

The Healing Sounds That Accompany Qi Gong

Sound is a fairly new element being associated with the healing process. It’s a known and accepted fact the sounds effect people in many different ways.

There are some sounds that are considered relaxing, some annoying and some simply termed as rubbish. All these different sound have at some point or another been researched as having certain impacts on the body and mind of an individual.

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So it should not be surprising to note that qi gong also has its own purported sounds that have inducing elements. Claimed to be 100% safe and effective, these sounds don’t have the origins that like it to electronics; they are not downloaded, burnt, or made into a compact discs. They are self created. They are also referred to as the eight healing sounds of yin style bagua.

These sounds that are self made are supposed to complete the health and well being of a particular body organ which is being the focus of attention at the time of a qi gong session. Qi gong is one of the ancient art forms that combines sounds and vibrations from the sounds made, breathing, and visualization to heal the body and mind and spirit.

Using the same principal to address all the other areas in the body system, the individual is encouraged to pick a syllable or a sound comfortably made and continues vocalizing that particular sound continuously.

Of course during the duration of creating the said sound, various distinct differences can be heard due to the lung capacity and vocal chords of the individual. The emotional state also has a role to play in these sound producing styles. All these variables which are caused by several connecting factors are beneficial and healing only for the individual making the sounds and not for those around. That is one reason the insistence of total concentration is pressed upon.

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