Chapter 7 : Balancing And Healing Emotions

Balancing And Healing Emotions

When it comes to balancing the health system of an individual by addressing the root causes of ailments, qi gong is a wise choice to put into practice.

The physical, emotional, and spiritual elements are definitely addressed holistically in the quest to reach optimum health standards. All this is done through the smooth and precise distribution of the qi energy found in all living entities.

The Equilibrium

As this system supports the balancing of energy imbalances, the body is then able to start the restoration and healing process of optimum functioning internal organs and systems.

It is interesting to note that the emotions elements are not necessarily stored the brain, but can be found “stored” in various organs in the body. For instance, the liver stores anger, kidneys hold fear, the spleen holds worry, and the lungs hold grief and sadness and repressed emotions are in the heart.

In most ancient art forms, emotions are not considered good or bad. The problem is how to handle these emotions without causing the buildup of any negative elements with the mind, body, and spirit. Qi gong teachers how to ensure this negative energy does not cause any blockages or toxins in the body system.

The following are possible steps to emotional healing the qi gong way:

•Relax and focus on breathing deeply for a few minutes before commencing the routine movements

•Slowly bring the attention focus to the chest and lungs by using the senses to fully feel the internal system and networks of the body

•Upon achieving this phase commence the slow moving qi gong exercises while still maintaining this frame of body and mind.

Sometimes the individual in encouraged to focus on different but specific emotions with each practiced breathing and corresponding movement. Once seasoned in these techniques, the individual is then encouraged to explore further positive emotions too.

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