Chapter 5 : Stress Management With Qi Gong

Stress Management With Qi Gong

While most stress management styles call for the quieting of the body and mind by either seeking a quite place and sitting still or by listening to relaxation inducing music to create the ideal environment to encourage meditation, qi gong works in quite different ways.


The qi gong technique does not require the individual to be in a meditative state rather it requires the individual to perform certain set movement patterns. There are basic meditational effects of breathing that are couple with the different movements which encourages constant inhaling and exhaling.

The qi gong techniques of coupling breathing and movements is what gives the individual the necessary mind set and physical calmness to manage stress well. The sessions normally encourage the individual to practice a few basic movements to “prepare” the person.

The first few steps include the breathing and meditation exercises to correct the body posture and to relax the muscle tensions. The breathing will then encourage the flow of qi through the body and in doing this the blockages will dissolve.

This will then create the circumstances for the body to be able to control and calm the mind, and at the same time reducing the production and flow of thoughts. Practicing this control technique will eventually calm the activity of the mind and thus reduce the stress factor.

These movements and breathing exercises also stimulated the respiratory system, revitalizes the metabolic rate, and invigorates the blood flow conditions. All of these contribute one way or another to the body’s well being and when the body is good so will the mind be. The body will not cause the mind to be unduly stressed over its condition which is a bonus when the mind has to already have to deal with extenuating external factors.

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