Chapter 6 : Restoring Physical Vitality

Restoring Physical Vitality

The qi gong art form consists of physical movements, meditation, creative visualization, and breathing exercise which contributes to the cultivation of vital life force energy. This in turn ensures better health conditions, heightened energy levels, and longevity.

The Power Within

Some studies have shown that even short term practice of qi gong has shown positive results, but of course when embarking on something that is going to bring the body to its best condition should be taken as a long term endeavor.

Basically the individual is encouraged to explore the different facets of this art form which include energy boosting, restoring of physical vitality, balancing the emotions, and calming the spirit. Ideally when this level is reached in every session the ultimate goal of physical vitality is also gained.

True vitality comes from within the natural workings of a healthy body system. Though resorting to outside supplements is also a possible way to go, if the body condition is not receptive then any attempt to create vitality is wasted.

Therefore the addressing of the holistic mind and body and spirit issue is what needs to be understood in qi gong.

Qi gong teaches the individual how to work the qi energy through the meridians of the body system to unblock whatever is in the way, so that the positive energy can flow freely and in a balanced fashion.

This energy also causes the blood flow to improve and with this all the different connective organs are able to function well. The qi energy derived from qi gong techniques also loosens the joints, tones up the oxygenated muscles and relaxes the nervous system.

All of these factors in one way or another increases the physical vitality of an individual progressively and assuredly.

An optimum positive health condition leaves the individual with peace of mind to concentrate on enjoying life fully and satisfactorily.

This new lease of vitality also enables the individual to look forward to the longevity elements promised in practicing qi gong.

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