Chapter 4 : Qi Gong Immediate Energy Techniques

Qi Gong Immediate Energy Techniques

Most people who decide to take up qi gong do so with the intention of either restoring their health to its optimum level or to ensure the continuity of good health conditions.

Boosting Yourself

Most qi gong practitioners attest to the fact that they are able to experience very fast connections with their energy source and draw from it successfully.

These movements exercised in qi gong utilize the body, mind, and spirit to develop the vital energy which increases the health and longevity while also raising the consciousness of the spirit. This connection is very important for the energy source to be able envelope the complete being.

In order to be able to harness this energy the breathing techniques are used alongside the total concentration while engaging the body in the various set physical movements. This then brings the body’s defense system through this energy to its optimum levels to allow the body to defend itself against the environment.

Depending on the energy levels reached, some people attest to the fact that as the physical body becomes stronger so does the mental state of the individual, thus further enabling a higher level of brain power to be used.

Technically there are three type of energy that the qi gong practice releases. There is the essence energy which is Jing, then there is the vital energy which is Qi, and lastly there is the spirit energy which is Shen. These energies are harnessed through the use of shapes and

postures with the intention of creating an ideal balance between all the energies so that optimum physical and mental health can be achieved.

In doing qi gong regularly and under the guidance of an experienced teacher the individual is taught how to connect, build, circulate, and direct the individual energy.

The blockages of energy caused by various reasons like physical trauma, mental trauma, spiritual trauma, toxins or stress is where the energy is thought to be trapped. These blockages can then be removed successfully with the qi gong techniques.

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