Chapter 8 : Brining Your Spirit To A Calm Place

Brining Your Spirit To A Calm Place

Integrating the work of the body, mind, and creative spirit in what qi gong is all about. Bringing harmony to each of these areas will promote holistic wellness within and around an individual practicing qi gong.

Becoming Quiet

The use of qi gong in the individual’s lifestyle is to promote a meditative state of movements that involve the conscious mind, memorizing a set of intended movements while concentrating on connecting with the inner body. The subconscious mind is also made acutely aware of the intuitive state, creative motions, and interactions.

This intended structure of movements should bring about the harmonizing of the body, mind, and spirit to induce calmness from within. Learning and practicing these qi gong techniques will enable the individual to seek solace in this calm state at any given time.

The experienced teachers and practitioners of qi gong believe in the process of guided imagery, body awareness, and creative expression to bring about joy and wonder.

This creates a “dialogue” between these elements from a “deep place” which can be achieved with the calmness of mind set previously mentioned.

Qi gong helps to eliminate the excess energy or negative energy and aggression in a positive way. It also allows the “noise” or busy mind condition to be controlled or reduced to a level where calmness can be achieved.

These changes stimulate the hormonal and nuerochemical systems in a most therapeutic way while it lulls the body and mind into a state of calmness.

Besides teaching breathing coupled with slow moving exercises, qi gong also encourages the self observation of feelings and how to let go of those feelings during the sessions, thus effectively teaching the individual how to gently get rid of stress and replace it with calmness. The slow moving routine is all about letting go and leaving be.

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