Chapter 10 : Wrapping Up

We cannot do without interacting with several people each day, unless we are stranded on an island or something. We need to talk with people; we are social beings after all. We are sharing ideas, talks and things. We are each other’s support a lot of times and actually, it won’t be wrong to say that every individual’s progress is pegged on how people around them react to them.

Essentially, this is what brings a lot of requests to us each day. In fact, it will be right to say that almost everything that is said to us is a request in some form or the other. And, everything that we say is a response to that request.

We have two options that it all boils down to. We can either say yes to the request that is placed before us, or we can say no to it. There are just these two options. Like a burning bit of plastic that leaves just a speck behind, if we are able to burn all our conversations with people, the speck that will be left behind will be this… whether we say yes or no to it.

That is why, when we wrote this e-Book, we understood that we have to actually write about how people can effectively say yes or no to others. This has to be done in a most convincing manner. Whether you are accepting or refusing something, you have to be genuine and sincere about it. You have to make sure you are not rubbing anyone the wrong way. That is simply not done.

That is the purpose of this e-Book—to tell you how you can speak with anyone in a convincing manner. Essentially, that mean how you can say yes or no to anyone in a convincing manner.

Hopefully, this e-Book has helped you in its objective. Hopefully, now you know how you can say yes or no to someone and really mean it.

All the best in your life!!!

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