Chapter 7 : Striking the Balance between Saying Yes and Saying No


We become better people if we can strike the right balance between saying yes and saying no. We should know when to let go and when to draw a line. As we have seen in previous chapters, both saying yes too much and saying no too much can spell problems for us.

When we want to develop the confidence of saying anything to anyone anywhere, we have to be sure that we can say yes or no in the right measure.

Most times, it is thinking about the repercussions that helps us along our way. When we know what our actions can bring, we are prepared to handle situations and we gear ourselves up for them.

We are also able to act in such a way that we can please the greatest number of people at any given time. We cannot please everybody, but we should at least make sure that we are able to do things for the greatest good.

Striking the Balance between Saying Yes and Saying No

A few things determine choosing a negative or positive response. The first thing that will come in mind is the type of situation that requires an answer. In order to have a good balance of the two answers, you should look at several factors. These factors will determine whether you respond positively or negatively. To know these situations, you should evaluate them in a certain way.

The first things that you should consider is the type of question that you have been asked. The question can be a request for something to be done.

For example, when someone is broke and they are asking you for money, you should be careful how you respond to their request. If you have money and you can spare some of it, you can agree to their request. However, if you do not have any money, you should respond negatively. Even in the event that you have some little money, the negative answer should be used.

This way, you will not find yourself without enough money for your use. At the same time, the person who is asking you for the money sold also be taken into consideration. If it is a person who you can trust, you should answer positively as long as you have some money to spare. If it is a person who you are unsure of, you can answer negatively in order to avoid future complications.

However, if it is someone who is always asking for help and does not normally refund the money, you should answer negatively most of the time. This will prevent them from coming back to you when they have such a situation. In some cases, you will find that someone is requesting for your expertise on something.

For example, if you are a technician, the person might need your experience in solving a problem. This can be given freely for the first time. If the person insist on calling you every time they encounter a problem, you should make sure that you answer negatively most of these times. This should be the case when the person is in need of your services and they do not pay for the same. However, if a person is paying for the services, you should make sure that you answer positively.

Giving a positive answer will ensure that you get the work that was being given. Having this knowledge is very important in maintain a balance between saying yes and no. Without this balance, you might end up having many things going astray. You will need to have a system where you are able to do your things according to your program. This way, one will easily be successful in life. People who are successful will never have a problem deciding when to say yes or no.

Having this characteristic is the one thing that has made them successful. In the event that you do not follow this procedure, you will end committing yourself to things that you will not be able to achieve. Balancing your yes and no answers is one of the main keys to success.

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