Chapter 5 : The Dangers of Saying Yes Too Much


Quite unknowingly, we often end up saying yes to more things than we can handle. We do not know how this can seriously affect several things that we stand for, including our impression in society and our health.

In this chapter, we will see how saying yes to too many people and too many requests could actually backfire. We may be well meaning about it, we may want to do something to earn more money or do something just because we want to do a favor on our near and dear ones, but if we have too many things on our platter, the danger is that we might not be able to accomplish them all and that is when the problems begin to emerge.

Saying yes to too many things is never an option. You have to be sure about what you are doing. Here we see what the dangers of agreeing to too many things can be, and how sticky situations can be avoided.

The Dangers of Saying Yes Too Much

Remember the good old days when we used to attend Sunday school? The pastor always told us to ensure we be good to each and every person we met throughout the week. Back then, this was quite convenient. Today, it seems illogical. The same applies to saying yes, since it also entails being good. I might sound silly but it is true; Saying yes to everyone is dangerous. To prove this theory, let us take a look at some dangers that are associated with saying yes excessively.

Denying Yourself

To start with, saying yes to everyone is the same as saying no to yourself. Usually, you are denying yourself several things by agreeing to something that someone else says. At times, we say yes to favors that are way beyond our might. Therefore, we end up stressing our resources all in a bid to please whomever it is that asked for the favor. We sacrifice our comfort for others, and in most cases, the other party is of the opposite sex. This not worth it since it never ends up well.

We always end up fatigued and without having fulfilled the promise we had made. As a result, the other person gets angry with us. I am sure that this is the last thing you had in mind when saying yes. Therefore, be sincere and say “no, I cannot” instead of risking whatever the kind of relationship you had with the other party.

Increasing Your Vulnerability

Secondly, saying yes excessively increases your vulnerability. You will be the key target for many predators. In this case, predators refer to the like of conmen or even thieves.

Recent research shows that about sixty percent of conning and kidnapping situations have been aided by the good will of the victim.

A good example is a situation whereby a stranger asks for a lift in your vehicle at the middle of the night. For safety precautions, it is advisable to say no. Nevertheless, since some of you cannot say no, they end up getting hurt. I have heard of cases whereby people get conned out of their property just because they did not say no while some got robbed just because they did not say no to strangers entering their houses. To be on the safe side, learn how to say no especially when it comes to dealing with strangers. 

Submission to Others

In addition to this, saying yes excessively may turn you into a servant unknowingly. This might sound illogical but it is true. Sorry to say, but am sure some of you are already victims of this. Picture a situation where a particular neighbor always asks you to do their shopping for them every weekend. This is because you always said yes ever since the first time he or she asked you. Ever since then, they always have a reason why they cannot do their shopping themselves and you end up doing it on their behalf.

Have you ever sat down and asked yourself why they chose you out of the rest of the neighbors? The answer is because know your weakness; you can never say no! I am not telling to become mean, but be wise.

It is good to be good, but limit it!

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