Chapter 10 : Take Action


The goal has been picked. The action plan all mapped out. Now all that is left is to put everything into action. These steps seem so simple but for some people it can be quite daunting and overwhelming.

There are cases where the goal ceases to exist after this stage. Many reasons may contribute to this strange phenomenon. However there are ways to ensure this does not happen.

Get Moving

Setting a standard for the performance working towards the goal is the first positive step to take. This will ensure the tracking is done from the very onset of the venture.

At every juncture it would be wise to get feedback on the progress or method being used. This is to help gauge it’s the legitimacy of the method used and to unsure it is in line with the needs required to reach the intended goal.

At this point it would be easy to analyze what motivates the team or individual to keep steadfast towards achieving the goal. Armed with this information, incentives geared along the lines of the information analyzed could further motivate and increase efforts to reach the goal.

Having all the strategies to be used clearly understood by all those involved in reaching the goal is important. Having good strategies but no understanding of its workings will not only be useless it will also hinder the progress.

Any extra support both mental and physical that is needed to see the success of the goal should be identified and arranged. This support is vital as a back up to whatever area it serves. Having additional support also never hurt and can further motivate the participants in their quest to reach the goal.

Keeping to schedules that have been drawn up to the beginning of the venture is important to keep the project on track. A good action plan should include all of the above.

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