Chapter 5 : Align Your Goals With Your Beliefs


Setting goals that are clear in its expectations is one way of ensuring the percentages of reaching that goal is favorable. Random goal setting rarely produces the desired results and worse still it depletes the energy of an individual trying to meet that goal.

Line Them Up

The staying power or motivation involved in seeing the goal achieved lies in the desire to succeed in the achievement set. Believing in one’s self and in the goal, is very important and definitely a prerequisite. Ideally the belief must match the desire to see the goal achieved. This belief is what will ensure the commitment and conviction towards the goal.

When setting a goal, all these elements are very important, reason being there is usually no real necessity to ensure the completion of the goal set. Therefore since it is really not a do a die situation most people tend to give up at the first sign of difficulty or trouble. Also without belief in the one’s self and the goal, it is really hard to stay focused and convinced that the venture will be achieved with total success.

The amount of time and effort put toward achieving the set goal is also directly connected to the beliefs of the individual. Along with incorporating the belief factor into the equation, other points like why this particular goal was set, who is the end beneficiary to the success of this goal and is it really worth the effort. If the answers to all these questions are answered beyond the satisfactory mark, only then the percentage of seeing the venture to the end can be expected.

Sometimes when the beliefs and the goals don’t make a happy mix, a lot of complications start to create situations where it becomes easy to lose sight of the intended goal. Thus before taking the first step, remember to believe in the goal and one’s self.

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