Chapter 4 : How To Clearly Define Goals


One of the major reasons people fall of the “goal wagon” is the very important fact that they don’t stick to the goal long enough to see it all the way to success.

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This is probably because most people make the mistake of not having clearly defined their goals, thus they charge into the goal mind set with full energy and enthusiasm only to see both elements wane as time goes and the desired quick results are not forth coming.

There are several tried and true methods anyone can adapt to suit their individual needs to clearly define their goals. For some the absolute first step is to have a dream, and it won’t hurt if the dream is “big” either.

However keeping it realistic in terms of achievement capabilities is also wise. Having the mindset that dreams become goals and goals become realities is a good benchmark to start with.

Ideally, to clearly define a goal, the mind set must be able to understand the various components involved in working towards the goal. Very specific outlines need to be drawn and vagueness gives way to the danger of constantly and indiscriminately lowering expectations. It also encourages the negative attitude of acceptance and laziness.

Other aspects that should be clearly defined when setting goals are a measurable scale or chart drawn up to keep the progress on track with the time line of the commitment made. Ensure the goal is attainable and not something too fantastic or something dreamed up as part of a fantasy. Pick goal that has the advantage to working within the area of expertise of the individual, as this is important to keep the interest alive in the goad chosen people often lose interest and energy on things they don’t understand thus frustration sets in.

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