Chapter 3 : Identifying Goals


Most people go through like with only a vague idea or outline of the goals they want to achieve. Very few however give it any serious thought or even have a plan on how to achieve the goals.

Perhaps they are just no interested in focusing of achieving the goal with a sense of urgency and would rather drift along until one day they awake from this ignorance in a panic.

What Are They

It is a good idea to have goals from a very young age, as there is no real “perfect” age that dictates the comprehension on the idea of having a goal. Parents can inculcate this very desirable trait in their children by being a good example themselves.

Setting goals is not an exercise to be taken lightly. Setting goals require a certain amount of serious thought and consideration. The thought process usually involves the long term ideal future and the motivating factor that is going to eventually ensure its success.

It would be wise to identify with some level of precision what the individual wants out on life and work from that level up towards achieving the goal in mind. It the goal is clearly understood and perceived to be possible, only then will the body and mind be able to work together in order to keep the motivation for achieving the goal alive.

There are many areas one can consider when trying to embark on the journey of setting and achieving goals. The areas may include family, career, finances, education, and attitude, breaking a bad habit, adopting and keeping a good habit, exercise a just a few common choices.

Upon identifying the goals, one must be certain that the goal chosen is achievable. The key is in sticking to the commitment of achieving the goal, as it is crucial to its success.

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