Chapter 2 : The Truth Behind Goal Achievement


Goals are great to have but hard to keep. Every person ideally should have several goals in life and they may not necessarily all be achievable, but having these goals help to keep a person focused and strong minded toward achieving the said goals.

The Truth

Goals also help people have a reason for existence. There are a lot of positive reasons why and how goals benefit people.

Some of these are:

  • Helps build and develop the art of firm decision making. When firm decisions are made, the individual will then feel energized enough to meet the goals made from the decisive decisions.
  • Learning to prioritize. This very useful tool in life helps ensure the individual is capable of choosing what is important over what is trivial and unnecessary.
  • Studying a situation or problem in depth before deciding on the next course of action is also a good skill to develop. While horning this skill the individual learns how to effectively and quickly solve problem in order to keep the focus on the end goal alive.
  • Understanding and accepting that in order to succeed in achieving in some goal there needs to be team work. Thus by learning to pick and work as a team, people learn to respect each other and the contributions made.
  • Another truth behind goal achievement is learning to cope with failure. Not many things will be successfully achieved at the first attempt, and learning to persevere is a good attitude to develop. This is vital if one wants to stay competitive in the reality of goal achievements.
  • Learning to develop the attitude of persistence will allow the individual to build a stronger character in the face of adversity. The positive character trait is both beneficial and desirable.

All these traits are good truths to live by when trying to achieve life’s various goals with the intention of coming out victorious in each one.

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