Chapter 9 : Visualize Your Goals


In order to keep a goal alive and enticing through time, one must be strong and have the courage to persevere against all odds. Some goals are easier to achieve than others and some are just not worth the effort after a few false starts. To ensure a goal does not end up in the latter category here are some tips worth considering and perhaps following.

See It

Be completely and convincingly sure of what the goal is. Be sure and clear minded about the goal, shows the focused energy that has been harnessed in order to conceptualize the goal.

Constantly imagine the end results as envisioned and relive it daily in the mind’s eye. This further resolves the commitment to strive to reach the goal as the picture is already part of the conscious and subconscious.

Talk about the goal constantly and in detail as visualized in the mind’s eye. Talking about the goal helps at some level to bring about the feeling of victory as if the goal has already been achieved. The brain is already ready for the body to experience the victory of reaching the goal.

Surrounding one’s self with like minded people is also a good way to get the mental and physical support needed to see the goal become a success. The passion from others along with one’s own has tremendous positive power and energy.

Surrounding one’s self with constant reminders of the goal helps to keep the mind focused and also ensuring there are no other distractions to cause the individual to waiver in the resolve to reach the goal.

Sometimes getting outside help in the form of a professional motivator may be needed. These motivators can assist in keeping the motivation levels at its peak and also organize the individual schedules to ensure the time line for the goal is not disrupted.

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