Chapter 6 : How To Commit To Goals


When a goal is first conceptualized it’s almost always done on a dream like fantasy level. The more time spent thinking about the goal the more the dream state disappears and something more concrete takes its place.

However once this stage is reached then keeping the motivation going and actually launching the steps toward achieving the said goal can be tricky.

Some Tips

Here are some helpful tips as to how to stay committed to a goal:

  • It’s hard to shelf a goal when the whole world knows about it. Tell as many people as you can and ask them to help you keep the focus and energy to see the goal achieved.
  • Write down the goal and keep it in sight as much as possible. Visual reminders are a great way to stay motivated and excited to see the goal accomplished.
  • Set a deadline. However caution should be exercised and a realistic time line should be set, otherwise this factor alone can end up costing the abandonment of the goal.
  • Enlisting as much help as possible to complete the goal is also another good idea. If the goal is group orientated, everyone has the responsibility to be equally committed in achieving the goal. Also it’s a great motivator when there are other participants in the goal.
  • Researching the matters related to the goal is indeed an absolute must. Knowing what the goal entails, will give the individual a chance to evaluate its success.

Investing personal money is a great if not the greatest motivator. Focusing and working hard toward achieving the goal will be the primary reason why quitting or not being able to reach the goal unacceptable. Losing money is indeed painful, and thus this would not be an option to consider.

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