Chapter 11 : What Can Happen If You Don’t Meet Goals


Everyone has goals either long term or short term. Having a goal is a health thing for the mind, but not doing anything to try and achieve the goal is rather unhealthy indeed. There are many reasons why people fail to achieve their goals.

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The first and probably the most damaging is the feeling of frustration when the path to achieving the goal does not seem to show any progress. When the frustration seep in there is a good probability both the interest levels and the excitement levels will diminish rapidly.

Another reason for failure to meet goals is the overzealous amounts of planning done. Sometimes too much planning can dampen the enthusiasm that stated the goal in the first place.

When everything seems to point towards the impossibility of achieving the goal, a common responding feeling is discouragement. It is very important to stay strong in the face of adversity as this will help sustain the individual and keep the feeling of discouragement at bay.

When there are no clear deadlines set, there is no urgency to get things done. This causes the process towards reaching the goal to become longer which in turn will affect the moral of those involved. Keeping every timeline, encourages all participants to be focused and effective.

Having the support of people to lean on is sometimes an important element that should not be overlooked. This important factor is what help keep the dream of the goal alive when all else points to the opposite.

Lack of commitment also causes people to fall off the “goal wagon” When there is lack of commitment, there is also the presence of a whole lot of excuses. Some people take more time and effort coming up with excuses instead of putting the same effort into attaining the goal.

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